Water System

1.    Quality management System – ISO 9001-2015 – Schedule M​

·         ·         WHO

·         ·         CGMP/GLP

2.    Food Safety Management System - ISO 22000:2005

3.    Occupational Health and Safety Management System – ISO 18001:2007

4.    Environmental Management System – ISO 14001:2015

5.    Security and Safety System

6.    Business Continuity Management System

7.    Drinking Water and Waste Water Management System

8.    Compliance management System

9.    Information and Document Management System

10.  Asset Management System

11.  Energy Management System.

1.      Ventilation System ( HVAC/AHU/FDV System):


The Air conditioning and De-humidification system with dedicated AHU is available with terminal HEPA Filters as per latest WHOG guidelines. Facilities built up with 15 no’s of AHU’s hence the ambience and climates are controlled as per regulatory / Product requirement


2.      Water System:


The system is designed to produce 100 liters/hour of purified water

The Purified water generated for use in the production is of the following specifications:

Water grade

: Purified water IP/USP.


: Clear, colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid.            


: Not more than 1.3 micro siemens per sq. cm at 25°C

Total Viable aerobic count

: Less than 100 CFU/ml and Pathogenes should be absent.


: 5.5  -  7.5

TOC (Oxidisable substances)

: Should comply to I.P./USP.


: Maximum 0.2 ppm

Heavy metal

: NMT 0.1 ppm


This Purified water is stored in SS electrical heated jacket storage tank of 1000 liter capacity. From this storage tank, purified water is distributed through a loop at ambient temperature.

The SS storage tank, pipe and the loop system are constructed with CPVC material.

3.      Building Management System (BMS) and Building Safety System (BSS)


Technical aspects for loss prevention and control should be considered from the outset of any new plant construction or modification of an existing facility by the Building Management System (BMS). Our Factory is located in the non-residential area and provides an excellent facility for Building Safety System (BSS).


·         To improve the security of residence  facilities with an effective policy

·         To comply with Premises-wide crime prevention and to safeguard the facilities;

·         To simplify locking policies;

·         To abolish key duplication

·         To abolish unauthorized access

·         To abolish the necessity of emergency re-keying and re-coring

Building Safety System includes

·         Fire Detection & Alarm System (Smoke & Fire Exhaust Systems)

·         Biometric Attendance and Access Control System

·         CCTV & Digital Video Recording (Camera System

·         Public Address System & Time Bell System

·         Voice Telephonic & Data Networking

·         Emergency Lighting System

·         Siren System

.         Time Bell System