About the Company

Aeon’s care's from Prevention and cure. Aeon is devoted to the Innovation, manufacture, co-market and export of Pharmaceuticals, nutritionals, Ayurceutical and hospital products for Human and animals



The company now an employee above 100 people and having products exported to UAE and aspiresto export to African, Asian, and Latin America. Plant is approved by UAE ministry of health.


Aeon will ensures its presence in Indian markets forits products and services to companies with marketing alliance. Aeon today, has a strong reputation in marketing to the healthcare solutions.


Aeon's success is based on the team of competent, committed people, driven by the principle of value based management and divided by strong alliances and partnerships.


Aeon has state of the art formulation plants, which are equipped with modern machineries for manufacturing and testing. The operations were organized by experienced personnel to ensure International Standard of Quality in each and every step of the process.


The company has in-house R&D and partnered teams to undertake Product Clinical Development tailored to the needs of the Indian and semi-regulated markets.


Aeon offers efficient service with excellent expertise.


The company Promoters has its origin deep-rooted in the history of Indian Pharmaceutical Industry, having passed through almost two decades till now, is involved in concept development and formulation development and into the manufacturing of Finished Dosage Forms for its own marketing as generics & branded generics, manufacturing and Marketing.


For more than years, Aeon have been working to develop advanced healthcare products for the benefit of the Practitioners and people in and around India and all over globe.