Our Products

Our products and formulations bring innovative care to all stages of life.


We offer High Quality affordable and trusted formulations to help treat some of the pervasive and persistent health conditions around the world. Through packaging enhancement formulations and innovative delivery methods, we tailor our offerings to address regional health provide access to some of the most trusted and process medicines to those need them most.

Aeon develops technologies to bring new fixed dose combinations’ nano products in the branches of Respiratiory, Cardiac, Diabetics, Pain, Gastro and Neutraceuticals.

Today we remain committed to the people we are more to serve.

  • For Patients and consumers – developing better options for better performance.
  • For healthcare professionals – sharing the knowledge into practice.
  • For our shareholders – brings smile ever and ever.
  • For our employees – respecting values and honouring our heritage to their carrier.



Aeon brings value added innovative equipments to the needy laboratories in CRO’s and Blood Banks.



Aeon offers Vending Machine and Napkin Burners to control pollution.



Our innovative products in the aroma of medical dressings are the milestone and deliversquality with affordability.

Aeon cares life through focused science into service.