Human Resource and Administration

Respect of Diversity

Aeon respects diversity and the personal dignity of its employees. Aeon’s Policy is to prohibit discrimination or harassment based on nationality race, color, creed, religion, sex, age and disability.

Employee Health and safety

Aeon is committed to provide health and safe environment for its employees.


 Aeon is committed to minimize the environmental impact of its products and operation.


We are personally responsible for helping to fulfil the objectives of code of conduct which can be monitored by


Another Manager

HR Manager

Compliance Personnel

Legal Department

Non Compliance Box


Based on Aeon’s mission, better health for people through innovation in medicine. We care all the employees with top priority.

1)      Health maintenance and promotion for hygiene.

2)      Mental health initiatives.

3)      Safety initiatives.

4)      Occupational health.

5)       Promotion of user friendly environment.

Health awareness Program and education.