New Product Development


Aeon has continually evolved to advance practices in the field of science and technology. Aeon marks the new era to provide continued commitment to the people.


  • INNVOATION: Today Aeon is one of the most diversified and far reaching healthcare companies. Our expertise is across nutraceutical, medical, cosmeceutical, Ayurceutical and equipments to the medical fraternity.

  • CREATING IMPACT: Aeon’s resources, expertise and people around the company are surely Techno Driven. Our solid commitment and presence in both developing and emerging economies provides strong base.

  • MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Aeon focuses R&D and commercializes formulations with science and bringing novel packaging will make a total difference in the Industry.

  • REDEFINING RESPONSIBILITY: At Aeon our focus is on innovating the future through the development of new health products and patient solutions while upholding the highest standard of ethical practices. Supporting patient and practioners’ needs every step of the way and safeguarding our environment.